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Lenovo Helix Touch Screen Problem

My Lenovo touchscreen has stopped working when I try and use my hand but not when I use the pen. Is there a way to fix this issue without having to go to Corrigan?


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    In regard to non-responsive touchscreens we have found that if you do what is referred to an "extended" hard shutdown that usually resolves the issue. Typically after the machine does a reboot following the hard shutdown the touchscreen is restored to full functionality.

    To perform the extended shutdown you would hold in the power button on your device for between 15-20 seconds. Please make sure that when doing the process that you hold for at least 15 seconds but no more than 20 seconds, as holding for less than 15 or more then 20 seconds will not complete the process. After the time frame has elapsed you would want to wait several minutes and then power back on the device.

    If your device continues to not respond to touch commands then it may be then necessary to visit the Corrigan Hall Technical Support Area, located in CH29, for further troubleshooting.

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