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My SHU issued laptop will not connect to my home network... I received a loaner for this issue, and this one is also having issues connecting! I recently called the company of my router and they walked me through resetting the router, then my laptop connected perfectly fine. The following day I used my laptop at SHU and connected to the University's wifi and now my laptop will no longer connect to my home network.


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    Based upon what you are describing (i.e. works at SHU, connection at home works sporadically) the issue sounds like there may be some kind of malfunction with your router or wireless setup beyond a simple reset of settings.

    Possible issues:

    - coverage of your wireless network (i.e. your router cannot "blanket" your location effectively enough)

    - it may be a channel issue where if your channel is being used by a neighbor their wireless signal could interfere with your connection

    - your router is at one end of your location and you are at the other end: you may be out of range

    -could be an outdated firmware issue with the router

    In this case it would be best to re-contact your home router's support staff for further troubleshooting and guidance.

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