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How to take good care of your laptop

How to take good care of your laptop


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    smithket ( Idea Submitter )

    - Don't pick up your laptop by the screen. Doing so may actually result in the hinges that attach to the keyboard breaking.

    - When moving your laptop you should not leave the computer on. Doing so may damage the hard drive and/or other internal components. If you are going to move your laptop (i.e. going to a meeting or classes) you should either turn it off or put the machine to sleep.

    - Be careful with open beverage containers near your laptop. Even the smallest amount of spilled liquid can seep into a key area of the machine and cause damage. If your laptop does get something spilled on it you would want to turn it off immediately and bring the machine in to have it cleaned and/or repaired.

    - If your computer is plugged into the power adapter and/or other external devices be careful of where the cables are fed located. If your power adapter or other cables are grabbed or otherwise tugged it can cause the machine to fall and become damaged.

    - Always keep your laptop in a travel case designed for your model or size of machine to prevent damage to the computer and/or screen.

    - Try to not place heavy objects on the laptop when the lid is closed like external monitors, textbooks, etc. Doing so may break the computer's casing and/or crack the screen.

    - When moving your laptop do not leave CDs/DVDs in the optical drive. In some cases if the machine is hit or moved in the wrong manner the disc may become disconnected from it's holder inside the drive, and damage either the computer or scratch the disc itself.

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