Configuring Outlook Express for Alumni Email.

I am having problems configuring Outlook Express for my Alumni email account. I use Outlook Express for my Comcast, Yahoo, Gmail and other email accounts with no problems. I know how to configure POP3 and IMAP in Outlook Expresss. The SHU Alumni Website for the email solution does not seem to provide enough details to configure Outlook Express correctly. Does anyone know what ALL the correct settings should be?


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    Below are the server settings, per Systems Support, to connect to your alumni Microsoft Live@EDU email account through an IMAP enabled email client:

    Mobile Device with Active Sync/Other Email Client instructions

    Type of account: IMAP

    Name: Firstname Lastname

    Email Address:

    Incoming (IMAP) Server:

    Incoming (IMAP) Server Port #: 993

    Incoming (IMAP) Server Encryption Method: SSL

    Outgoing (SMTP) Server:

    Outgoing (SMTP) Server Port #: 587

    Outgoing (SMTP) Server Encryption Method: TLS


    Password: the password that you provided to Microsoft when you first accessed your email account

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