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Every time any member in my club or organization tries to send an email using our designated email address it logs us out of the email. There is a pop up at the top of the new email tab that says "Silverlight was blocked because it is out of date" but neither of the two options it gives, "run this time" or "update plug-in" fix the issue. The email is


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    In regard to the Silverlight plug-in you may attempt to update that software by way of the Windows Update control panel.

    Please also make sure that when you are attempting to access a Microsoft Exchange Resource/Shared Mailbox (like this one) that you are using the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers like Google Chrome and Apple's Safari products are not compatible with the web access.

    If you are using MS Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and continue to have an access issue with your mailbox please contact the Technology Service Desk at 973-275-2222 (option #2) for assistance.

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