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I have been trying to log into SkyDrive using the "" link. It does not allow me to connect to it. I know that there is a SkyDrive Pro tab on the Outlook email page, however this is not my original Skydrive and I need to access some files that had been save last semester. Is there an alternative link to the original Skydrive or did I lose my files?


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    The link you are using,, would be a appropriate link to connect to the "non-pro" version of your Skydrive file.

    But where the Pro version of Skydrive ties into your current PirateNet (aka Active Directory) username and password the previous version of Skydrive authenticates via Microsoft directly.

    This being said you would need to use the email address and password that you used when you first signed up for the account. If you do not remember this information you would need to use the "Can't access your account?" option on the login screen to run through a challenge type reset process with Microsoft directly.

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