Do you know that students will now be able to access their E-mail utilizing their SHU network password?


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    charisse.pagan ( Idea Submitter )

    In the past, in order to activate your student Seton Hall e-mail account, you were required to set a Microsoft password in addition to the password used to access the University network, portal and e-mail services. The Microsoft password was used when accessing e-mail on a mobile device such as the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, etc.

    University IT Services is now able to synchronize the Microsoft password with the Seton Hall password, so that only one password is needed. The password that you use to log in to PirateNet is the same password you will use to access your e-mail from a mobile device. If you change your password for your Seton Hall account, it will synchronize with your Microsoft Student Live@edu account password. As of January 3, 2012, IT Services have migrated to the new single password for student e-mail accounts.

    New students will be required to change their passwords immediately (on first log on) for the synchronization to work correctly.

    If you have any questions regarding your e-mail account, changing your password or accessing your e-mail from a mobile device please contact the Service Desk.

    Technology Service Desk

    (973) 275-2222

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