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Campaign: Blackboard

Having trouble viewing Blackboard courses??

Having trouble viewing your course name? For Spring 2014, the course names are in the same color as the menu background. Future semester courses have been fixed. To see your 2014 course name, you may choose three options: For each option, begin with selecting the “Customization” tab in the course menu. Then select, “Teaching Style.” Option 1: Changing the Course Theme Under the “Course Theme,” you can select a setting ...more »

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Campaign: Laptop Support

Internet Connectivity

My SHU issued laptop will not connect to my home network... I received a loaner for this issue, and this one is also having issues connecting! I recently called the company of my router and they walked me through resetting the router, then my laptop connected perfectly fine. The following day I used my laptop at SHU and connected to the University's wifi and now my laptop will no longer connect to my home network.

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Campaign: Accounts

Cannot Login to SkyDrive

I have been trying to log into SkyDrive using the "skydrive.live.com" link. It does not allow me to connect to it. I know that there is a SkyDrive Pro tab on the Outlook email page, however this is not my original Skydrive and I need to access some files that had been save last semester. Is there an alternative link to the original Skydrive or did I lose my files?

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Campaign: Laptop Support

Need instructions on how to share file/folders in SkyDrive Pro?

SkyDrive Pro File/Folder Sharing Instructions 10/30/13 Hello Everyone, When sharing a folder or file in your SkyDrive Pro account, please make sure to choose the appropriate list of users who will have access to the file or folder and the type of access they will have. Once you have logged into your SkyDrive Pro account via Office 365: 1. Click on the “Open Menu” icon (3 horizontal dots) located to the right of the ...more »

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Campaign: Email

Club Organization Email

Every time any member in my club or organization tries to send an email using our designated shu.edu email address it logs us out of the email. There is a pop up at the top of the new email tab that says "Silverlight was blocked because it is out of date" but neither of the two options it gives, "run this time" or "update plug-in" fix the issue. The email is shudanceteam@shu.edu.

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